About Tommy Moloney’s


With recipes and seasonings that were first produced in the 1960’s in County Limerick, Ireland, the Tommy Moloney’s brand is famous near and far for its sausages and traditional Irish meats. Ireland is world-renowned for it’s commitment to Origin Green with a proven commitment to sustainability. Over the years many of Ireland’s popular hotels, supermarkets, restaurants and other catering establishments have been satisfying the appetites of valued customers with the distinctive flavor of Moloney’s traditional recipes and seasonings. 


With a passion for quality, Tommy Moloney’s distinguishes itself from its competitors with our all-natural products. The passion and pride we put into bringing you the highest quality pork products can be summed up with one taste. Be sure to taste our latest product additions including the finest charcuterie, Italian and European delicacies. Our USDA, FDA, SQF 2000 certified, one hundred and twenty thousand square foot state of the art food processing facility serves as the leading manufacturer / distributor of authentic Irish, Italian and European meat products in America.


Our mission is to provide the United States with the essence of Irish and Italian culture through our traditional meat products. We are committed to bringing the best personal dining experience to your home, restaurant or food establishment.

Tommy Moloney’s – A taste of home …