Five Fascinating Ghost Stories from Ireland 


A Spooktacular Journey Through the Emerald Isle


Did we scare you? 


Well, we’ve got some delightful, spooky tales from the Emerald Isle that just might do the trick! Ireland, with its rich history and lush landscapes, is also home to some of the most haunted buildings in the world, where every groan of a floorboard and flicker of a candle comes with a tale. 

There are many tales in Ireland of ‘banshees’, or supernatural beings known for their mournful wailing, appearing before tragedy. Although ghosts are often associated with fright and fear, that isn’t always the case. As these stories from Ireland prove, spirits can also be friendly, playful, and even comforting. So, the next time you hear a strange bump in the night or feel an unexpected chill, remember: it might just be a merry spirit saying “Dia dhuit!”

Malahide Castle
Image courtesy of Barbara McDermott

The Ghosts of Malahide Castle

Malahide Castle, nestled in the picturesque village of Malahide, just north of Dublin, is known for several amiable ghosts.

One story goes that Sir Walter, a knight of the 15th century, met a tragic end on his wedding day, but decided that the castle life was too good to leave behind. Guests and staff have reported seeing his ghostly apparition, often described as playful and warm, causing harmless mischief like moving objects or creating cool breezes. 

Another ghost that wanders the halls of Malahide Castle is a fan-favorite named Puck. Tourists are big fans of Puck because, while he was a jester during his lifetime, he has kept up with the pranks in the afterlife. There are multiple reports of the mischievous spirit photobombing selfies. So, if you ever visit and feel a sudden chill, it might just be Puck cheesing for the camera!

Leap Castle
Leap Castle

The Lady of Leap Castle

Leap Castle in County Offaly is said to be one of the most haunted castles in Ireland. But among its many malevolent spirits, there’s a particularly friendly ghost named Emily. Emily is said to be a young girl who accidentally fell from the castle’s heights centuries ago. 

Unlike some of the other spirits in the castle, she is known to be quite cheery and has often been spotted playing happily in the main hall. Visitors have witnessed a soft, glowing light moving playfully around the castle, believed to be Emily making her rounds.

Duckett's Grove Ireland
Image courtesy of Duckett’s Grove

The Huntsman of Duckett’s Grove

Located in County Carlow in southeast Ireland, Duckett’s Grove is an enchanting ruin that boasts its very own kindly spirit. The legend is of a huntsman, loyal to the Duckett family, who vowed to protect the estate even beyond his death. His spirit is often regarded as a protector, not just for the ruins, but also for visitors. 

People tell tales of being guided back to the path when they’ve strayed too far, or a comforting presence when the ruins feel eerily silent. Though he rarely makes a visible appearance, the soft sound of a hunting horn in the distance is said to be him signaling a watchful eye.

Charles Fort
Image courtesy of Miles Iwes

The Specter of Charles Fort 

Charles Fort in Kinsale, County Cork, is renowned for its sad, yet benevolent ghost, known as “The White Lady.” Possibly the most famous ghost story in the country, legend has it that she is the spirit of a bride who, after tragically losing her new husband, took her own life. She’s often seen wandering the fort in her white wedding dress. 

Some visitors even claim to have interacted with her gentle spirit, sharing moments of unexpected tranquility amidst the ancient stones. There are reports of the White Lady taking a special interest in children. She never bothers little ones, but has been witnessed accompanying them on walks around the area or watching over them as a protective angel at night.

Ballygally Castle
Image courtesy of Ballygally Caslte

The Dancers of Ballygally Castle

Our final stop takes us to Ballygally Castle in County Antrim, where the ghosts are said to be quite the merry bunch! Ghost hunters will want to make sure the former castle and now hotel is on their bucket list.

The most famed spirit is Lady Isobel Shaw, who likes to knock on doors and then vanish, her playful laughter echoing through the halls. However, the real spectacle is in the ballroom where phantom dancers have often been seen twirling and swaying to inaudible music, forever enjoying a grand, spectral ball. Visitors are welcome to watch but be warned – they might just try to pull you onto the dance floor!

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