Irish Meats: Breakfast Gift Basket

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Breakfast meat gift basket.
Enjoy a wide selection of delicious Irish Breakfast Meats with this gift basket. Whether you’ve had the chance to enjoy Irish breakfasts in Ireland, or you just want to send a taste of Ireland to your friends who have never visited, this gift basket is sure to bring happiness. With every basket you, your friends or family will receive:
  • Two White Pudding Tubes (1/2 lb each)
  • Two Black Pudding Tubes (1/2 lb each)
  • Three Back Bacon Rasher Packs (1/2 lb each)
  • Two Breakfast Sausages Packs  (1 lb each)
  • Two Cocktail Sausages Packs(1 lb each)

*Please be advised that if any items are out of stock, they will be replaced with other Tommy Moloney’s products.

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