What is a Whiskey Sausage?


Modern Meets Tradition

We understand the importance of tradition. It is the connection across generations. It shows respect to those who have come before us. Most importantly, it brings people together.

It’s also why when we head to the Tommy Moloney’s test kitchens to work on a new product, we know the bar is set incredibly high. All of the meals that have been shared by friends and family, plates piled high with jumbo bangers, black puddings, and more bacon rashers than you can shake a stick at, turn into big smiles, joyful laughter and unforgettable memories. 

You know to expect a great meal when you open a fresh package of Tommy Moloney’s. We want to add to that legacy of premium Irish cooking without taking anything away from it. That is why it is our immense pleasure to introduce to you: Tommy Moloney’s Hot Irish Whiskey Sausage.

Basics of Whiskey Sausage

For starters, a sausage is a food product made from ground meat, fat, seasonings and other ingredients that are then encased in a tube or casing. The meat used for sausages can vary, but traditional Irish sausage is made chiefly from pork. The fat content in the sausages provides the moisture, texture and delicious flavor. 

No one is sure of an exact date when Ireland first produced sausages, but sausages have been a part of Irish cuisine for centuries. Breakfast sausages became especially popular during the 18th and 19th centuries.

So, what is a whiskey sausage? Now, we’re not telling you how to enjoy your premium Irish meats, but you probably won’t be including our Hot Irish Whiskey Sausage as part of your morning fry-up.

A whiskey sausage is a type of sausage made with the addition of whiskey during the preparation process. It is a flavorful variation that incorporates the distinctive taste of whiskey. Don’t worry, the alcohol content cooks off during preparation, so all ages can enjoy a hearty meal. The whiskey adds a unique depth of flavor to the sausage, imparting its distinct smoky, oaky, and subtly sweet notes.

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What Makes Tommy Moloney’s Hot Irish Whiskey Sausage Different

You can find hundreds of recipes for Whiskey Sausage. It’s not unlikely your gran might have her own variation on this Irish classic!

First things first, our culinary masterminds sampled dozens of authentic Irish whiskeys to find the right one to pair perfectly the pork flavor. We settled on a 12-year-old Irish Whiskey that has been aged to absolute perfection.

Secondly, we always use spices sourced directly from Ireland in our products, and the Hot Irish Whiskey Sausage is no exception. Now, we can’t tell you our secret recipe, but we will say that we have included some additional spices from our normal sausage recipe that will give these whiskey sausages a little extra kick of heat. Just one bite and you will be hooked!

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Best Ways to Enjoy Tommy Moloney’s Hot Irish Whiskey Sausage

The best part about Tommy Moloney’s Hot Irish Whiskey Sausage is that there is no one way to enjoy them. You can pan-fry, bake or even grill these delicious sausage links! They can add a delightful twist to brunch, barbecues, or charcuterie boards, and can be incorporated into recipes like sausage rolls, pastas, casseroles, or stews. The possibilities are endless.

One of our favorite ways to eat our Hot Irish Whiskey Sausage is seared on a grill and then placed in a toasted potato bun. Think of it as Tommy Moloney’s twist on the classic American hot dog.

Our friend, Margaret M. Johnson has even come up with her own recipe that truly takes the Hot Irish Whiskey Sausage to the next level.

We are so excited to share these delectable sausages with you and can’t wait to see what incredible dishes—and memories—you create with them. Sláinte!

A Taste of Home with Tommy Moloney’s

When you’re craving the flavors of Ireland, no one has you covered quite like Tommy Moloney’s. Our premium meats and puddings are made with recipes handed down through generations. Order Tommy Moloney’s and experience the Taste of Home today!

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